How To Check My Credit Score


Your credit score is very important especially when you plan to apply for a credit card or loan. Credit report usually tells lenders how responsible a consumer has been with his/her credit in the past. The document helps the lenders to assess the risk which may be involved if they lend money to you. In order to check your credit score, there are some important step you need to follow, they include:

Purchasing a complete credit report directly from credit bureaus

There are 3 main credit bureaus in the US; Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Each of their websites allows consumers to directly purchase their credit report. You are required to supply personal identification before you actually gain access to your credit score. The process typically requires you to answer questions only you may know. For example, what is your social security number? It can be helpful to purchase a credit report along with your score since errors on your credit report could affect your score and should be reported back to the credit bureau.

Filling out information

In this step, you are required to answer security questions and provide your credit card information. In case you need to look at the credit score and it chances that you have already used up your annual fee credit report, you will be required to dish out a little cash in order to take a gander.

Obtain a 3-in-1 report

You should know that each of the credit bureaus usually offers a 3-in-1 report; providing you with relevant copies of your credit scores and report from all the 3 credit bureaus. However, each of the credit bureaus may set their own costs which are associated with purchasing credit reports and scores.

Monitoring your credit reports

Credit monitoring may be useful for those individuals who wish to carefully monitor their credit reports or those have been victims of identity and theft. The monitoring is essential in reporting any changes in your credit report.

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