How to Dispute Your Credit Report


Are you suspecting that there is an error in your credit report? If your answer is yes then you need to contact the credit reporting company together with the company that issued you with the report. It is a must to explain what you think it’s wrong in the credit report and of course why. The best thing to do is to send them a copy of the report and highlight where you think it’s wrong. The copies you send them should be in support of your issues.


When sending supporting documents to the credit reporting company and the other, they should NEVER be original but just copies.

By contacting the credit reporting company it will be the first step in correcting the anomaly in your credit report. Even though in most cases it is the responsibility of the credit reporting company to correct the error, sometime, it may be necessary to inform the company that provided you with it too.

It is important to state that there are only special disputes that can only be handled by the credit reporting company and not the other. They should investigate issues regarding your errors and offer you a solution. No matter if it’s your company (where you got the report) or the credit reporting company corrected the error, they should inform each other.

What to Include in a Dispute Mail
Full nameStreet AddressTelephone/Mobile numberAccount Number Related to the Dispute In some cases, Report Confirmation Number may be needed.

The last but not the least when it comes to disputing your credit report is that you should be very clear. For example, you can identify a specific mistake and then explain it in detail in terms of errors. If you have several errors, the same should apply. When done you can the mail your dispute and wait for response. Make sure to retain delivery message as a proof that you sent the dispute.

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